Guide to Mold Growth and Professional Mold Removal

Mold removal is vital to maintaining a house and the individuals in it safe, healthy, and comfortable. Mold, mildew, rust, and dust mites can lead to significant health issues, including asthma, allergies, eye, and respiratory problems, plus much more. Mold can also reduce a home’s property value and lead to expensive structural damage. Keep on reading to find out more about rot and the way to control, eliminate, and prevent mold growth in your house. 

Mold Can Be Sneaky and Prevalent

Mold changes indoor air quality, and also, sadly, can grow very fast. In fact, mold can start to grow in a house with humidity over 60% in under 48 hours. Mold can also grow and thrive in chilly spaces, like a refrigerator, provided that the temperature is over 40-degrees Fahrenheit. “Hidden” rot can also covertly grow in fiberglass insulation, and behind wallpaper and drywall. Even though you may not be able to clearly see the rot, it doesn’t indicate that it’s not there and causing damage to your home and your health.

Serious Effects of Mold Growth

The presence of mold in a home has many negative outcomes. Mold exposure can make several health-related problems, such as breathing difficulties, asthma, and topical skin rash. Black mold is infrequent but highly poisonous and contains carcinogenic mycotoxins which are linked to certain kinds of cancer, liver and nervous system damage, and much more.

Mold can also cause structural damage and ruin the value of your house — nobody wants to purchase or move into a home with a serious mold issue!

Mold growth may also severely impact your wallet for two reasons: 1) if left intact, mold will continue to grow and become increasingly expensive to eliminate; and 2) due to a rising number of rot-related suits, many home insurers now exclude mold from homeowner policies.

Mold Prevention

A simple yet effective approach to prevent mold growth is to invest in an energy-efficient dehumidifier. Because mold loves dark, moist, humid spaces, it naturally thrives in basements and crawls spaces. Purchasing a home can significantly lower your home’s humidity levels, making it impossible for mold to grow or survive.

Professional Mold Removal

Mold can be a frightening thing, but it’s not something that is not possible to restrain or remove. Experts know that mold must have two items to survive and flourish: humidity and moisture. A mold removal expert can visit your home to identify places where mold is growing or has previously grown.

Such specialists can then completely seal your house so that it is fully waterproofed and protected against future mold growth. If necessary and applicable, the mold removal specialist may also wish to install a crawl space vapor barrier system to protect both your home and your health.

If you suspect mold growth in your basement or in different regions of your home, contact a mold removal specialist when possible. Remember: a musty-smelling house is a dangerous home. Just take the necessary actions to safeguard your loved ones and your house from investing in mold removal services today!

Everyone can be affected by mold, even healthy young adults. To avoid health issues caused by mold in your home, be certain to fix any water harm immediately and keep indoor humidity at a safe level. Contact PuroClean or check out their website for water damage remediation services and mold remediation in Palm Desert. Visit them here for more information.