Creating Video for Your Training Events

Why should I create a movie? Before I begin showing you” how” to make a great video, allow me to share with you why you need to do so. Firstly I feel that all coaches, be they corporate or self-employed, should be capable of employing the internet to help learning and development. I am not saying you will need to be a coder or flash developer, but you do have to have the ability to find your way around web-based applications and applications and have a good appreciation of the cloud and Learning Management Systems. This leads to a movie. Video isn’t new. A lot of people use DVDs on our courses, YouTube clips, and online videos to present ideas and concepts.

But how many of us actually create video and utilize these clips on our courses or within our blended learning delivery. Learners consume videos daily. The ubiquitous use of Smartphones and Tablets implies that everybody has the capacity to devour video. People now prefer to watch a video than read a web page, YouTube is the second most popular search engine, after Google, and is very popular with Generation Y. And video may paint a thousand words. More importantly, video can catch a demonstration and can be swallowed by tens of thousands of people simultaneously. Can be paused, re-wound replayed. Can you do this with a live coach? Video is terrific for eLearning, can be sent through your LMS, is participating and anticipated by the tech-savvy student.

If we don’t offer video, we are falling behind the curve. Let us take a look at how. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it could be learned. How Can I Create Video? There are essentially two methods for creating a video. Outsourcing the entire project to a dedicated manufacturing company or DIY – do it yourself. Outsourcing is where most companies go but this alternative is hugely expensive and will only let you generate small footage but the output is always first class. DIY is significantly less expensive and gives you much more control. Equip a studio with all the equipment you need, use your smartphone or use your notebook or PC webcam.

Smartphones Your Smartphone will produce an adequate video that may be edited with software to generate a reasonable final outcome. Do get yourself some type of tripod. For a few pounds, you can purchase a tripod that is specifically designed for Smartphones. I picked this up this season from eBay and use it for students to record their own videos in my courses.  Smartphones can be utilized as a “selfie” style to record you speaking about your subject on location if you desire. I am often seen walking my dogs self-recording myself sharing a selling tip or thought. It adds realism to the footage, integrity that studio movie does not have. The significant downfall is sound, it is just second rate.

You can purchase lavaliere microphones for #50 that solve the issue and give your video professional audio. However, these are fiddly and eliminate the portability benefit of the telephone. The other problem is shifting the video on your PC or laptop for editing. Many Smartphones upload videos to cloud storage and because video dimensions are enormous, this procedure can be quite cumbersome. It’s ideal to tether your smartphone to your PC and transfer the footage by cable. Webcams These come installed on tablets, laptops and could be obtained for a few pounds for PCs. They produce good quality footage and can easily be edited since the files reside on your PC after recording. However, the sparks just look like webcam videos.

People do not look at the camera when they record themselves, preferring to examine the screen and the output appears stilted, only a trainer speaking to the computer.  You may record your Skype output easily. For #20 you can purchase software that will capture your Skype video conversation with a person and output it as a picture file. I have done this quite successfully when interviewing experts or SMEs. Recently I interviewed on Skype, for one hour, the UK’s most prosperous protection salesperson. I used the software to catch the interview and produced a set of clips that had both of our pictures side by side.

The sound was OK and it had a feeling of excitement and edginess that made it quite engaging. Studio If you wish to have the ability to produce a huge array of videos, then you really need to invest in a studio with the ability to record video at will. Later I will show you six kinds of video that will add variety to the mix and you can just do all these if you’ve got a fully kitted out studio. Ideally, your studio needs to be big enough to house all of the kits, should be able to control outside lighting, and should have an element of soundproofing also.

Corporate coaches will be considering a spare room, self-employed cousins will be considering a spare bedroom, garage, or research. Based upon your budget you’ll be able to soundproof the walls with rugs or specialized wall coverings and purchase blackout blinds to obscure all outside lighting. Or you could just shut the windows and ask everyone nearby to keep silent. You do need a minimum of equipment to be able to create video and here is your shopping list in no particular order.

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